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our story

Somewhere in the year 2020, we were intrigued by the fact that there were so many young people who were and are now, dealing with mental health problems, but nobody dared to speak out about their struggles. 

Out of first-hand experience, we knew this was a difficult thing to do, however, we also recognized that a large part of the solution is to share these problems with the people around you. The goal to normalize the conversation for mental health problems was born and we immediately started brainstorming on different ways to reach this goal.

One of the first ideas was, to build a clothing brand that acts as a way of carrying out the message and in turn, is a sort of catalysator to speak up about one's problems. 

However, we did not want all people wearing our fashionable, comfortable clothing to directly being associated with having mental health problems. That's why we believe in three distinct values of positivity and growth which encompass the very goals we set out to reach. 

Now, in its core, smthng. the brand aims to stimulate positivity and endorse to create, build, and love. 

Create the life you want, by building towards your dreams and loving every part of the process. 

We want to carry out these values by locally producing sustainable, comfortable, and fashionable clothing.

We see our clothing brand as an underlying first part of normalizing the conversation on mental health for younger people, but we wanted to keep our creative outlet by keeping the brand smthng. seperate.

 Also, we see an enormous value in bringing people together and having a good time to stimulate positivity. Therefore, we are setting up Project smthng. Project smthng. will focus on creating a music festival where people from all over the world can connect and enjoy music together. 

Next to bringing people together, we also want to stimulate young musicians to create, build, and love. Therefore, we want to invite young, talented DJs and musicians to share with us their music. After having gained a following with Project smthng. we aim to create a contest between the applicants in which you, the audience, can choose who will play during the event. This way we can create an interactive music event where we can stimulate young talent to build towards their dreams.

If you want to read more about upcoming events, see the Project smthng. page.

To realize the normalization of the conversation on mental health problems for younger people we are setting up an internal fund. Part of the profits we make with the clothing brand and the music events will go directly to the fund. The fund, in turn, will allocate all its time and resources towards normalizing the conversation on mental health for younger people. 

If you want to read more about our goals and the process of the fund, see the fund page. 


offer sustainable, high quality streetwear which radiates positivity and confidence by creating a united community built to inspire.


to bring confidence and inspiration to the world.

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