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normalizing the conversation.

We started smthng. since we are motivated to join the movement of normalizing the conversation that surrounds mental health. We believe that by starting this company we can not only inspire people to follow their dreams but also to stimulate the positive that exists in this world. We have a lot planned in the future to start creating a community that brings people together where we advocate for creating smthng, building smthng., and loving smthng. In this world full of uncertainty and ambiguity, we tend to forget to look around us and remember what is truly important.

At the end of the day, big or small, everyone is dealing with smthng. This is why we are setting up a fund, in which we will donate a percentage of the profits, from the brand and events, to build the fund to a place where we can make a real impact in the movement of normalizing the conversation surrounding mental health. 

At smthng. we also believe in not only providing the highest quality product that lasts but also something sustainable, which is why we chose to produce here, in the Netherlands. We do this with our wonderful partners, Kleerlijk. Not only that but we also believe in domestic production, supporting the Dutch economy as two proud Dutch men. 

Modellen dragen black hoodie en navy sweater van smthng.
vier modellen op een rijtje van smthng. t-shirt black
Zoom in op mouw smthng. made in the netherlands, sweater navy
co-founder in licht met navy sweater

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